Monday, March 21, 2011

Maisey is 2

Maisey turned 2 this last weekend. We ended up having a "My Little Pony" party! She loves playing My Little Pony's; so when the local bakery said they could do a Pony Cake I ran with it.

I decided to do Shirley Temples with cotton candy. Thanks Blake and Spark Restaurant Lounge for the idea!
Pony Cake and Pony Castle, we play with that castle every night!
Some of her friends sneaking over to the table early. It didn't help that Maisey was so excited she basically showed them to the table and demonstrated how to eat the cotton candy.
Here she is again showing another group of friends how it's done.
Singing Happy Birthday! she is only two, but the long candles were suppose to sparkle...Lame!
Blowing her candles out all by herself.
We always sing more than once, and we let the friends join in on blowing the candles out on the second go around.
Playing Pin the tail on the pony. I'm sure she didn't really know what she was doing, but she thought it was fun.
All of her friends in her room. Notice her big girls bed, that she doesn't sleep in.
Family Pic! She knew this was her party and she was owning it.
Stealing the cotton candy and getting caught

Happy Birthday Maisey!

Maisey's Stats:

36 inches 27 Pounds
You love to go to the pool and swim like a Dolphin
You can hold your breath under water and open your eyes
You love to watch movies. In Bambi you throw a fit in the end when Bambi's dad leaves the rock!
You help mom cook and put the ingredients the in pan or bowl, and on the floor.
You love water and love to clean dishes.
You love to sing. Your favorite songs right now are: It's Raining, It's Pouring and Itsy Bitsy Spider.
You always want to go to lunch with friends.
You love playing Monsters and hiding from them. They are usually pink and red.
You like to beat up on mom and dad, but you always say sorry.
You sleep in our bed.
When you pick your boogies you always tell me "I got it" Cracks me up!


You are my little angel. I love spending everyday with you and watching you grow. You always bring a smile to my face even when I'm trying to be serious. You give the best hugs and kisses and you are really good at sharing. Maisey I love how you answer yes to my questions with a little...HUHaaa! It makes me laugh. Even though you should be sleeping in your big girls bed. I love listening to you sing at night before we go to sleep, and even more waking up to you rubbing my cheek saying. "Mommy wake". Maisey I'm so happy that your mine and that we get to be best buddies. I love you!


  1. yay you finally blogged! i can't believe how grown up she looks and i love her blonde hair and did i mention i'm super jealous of how tan you guys are?!!! happy birthday maisey hope we get to see you guys soon!

  2. Man, this made me sad for some reason, haha. She looks so big and grown up! What a cute party. I miss you guys!

  3. Wow! Maisey is getting so big. Can't believe she is 2! She is so darn cute! Hope it was a very happy day!

  4. So cute! What a fun party and cute little girl. I love her gorgeous blond hair!

  5. My goodness Janey she is so cute! I can't believe she is two, time flies! I'm jealous of your lovely weather in Florida.