Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let the Holidays Begin

Thanksgiving this year was a lot of fun! We had over some friends and between all of us there was quite a feast. Yes, it was a little different being able to walk outside with no shoes on or not having to wear a coat, or maybe it was when we cranked our air down to 73 degrees to make it a nice cool temperture for our guest!
Here are the guys cutting the turkey and the ham!

All the kiddos.
Notice maisey with her shirt off. I put M&M's on the table and she kept wanting to eat them. I explained that once her friends came over she could have them. She was really good not climb up on the table, but maybe once or twice. As soon as the friends arrived, and she had a plate full of potatoes and gravy. She took off across the table getting her shirt very dirty!
Maisey has a boyfriend... his name is Crew.
She'll give him kisses and hugs.
And he'll return the smelling her armpit!

Thankgiving 2010 Crew!Maisey insisted I get in the bucket with her. She was then upset cause she couldn't fit in it as well. Maybe it's because that plate of food was 3rds for me!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

3rd Street
We went down to 3rd street to get in the holiday spirit. Right off the bat we saw this pony. We knew that Maisey would want to ride, she loved it! After she got off she went over to a pony not being used, held out her hands and said "Apples!"
Walking down the street they had snow flying out of machines. Of course it wasn 't real snow it was actually foamy bubbles. Maisey loved it none the less. I can't wait for her to see real snow in Utah!

Pure Joy
Family Picture in the snow!
Family picture by the creepy Santa Claus

More family pics, look at how Jason's head is positioned perfected between Maisey's ballon antlers. ( She's suppose to be rudolph )

All her friends watching the Nativity!

Last of All
I took Maisey to her first show in the theater. I tried to make it extra special by buying her an over-priced kids tray for $6.00. She sat her seat like a champ, grabbing popcorn then a sip of her sprite then back to her popcorn. She was amazed! She sat on my lap the rest of the movie. I wish I could have snapped a picture, she looked so grown up. It kind of made me sad.


  1. How fun Janey! Your family is so cute and looks like you had a great holiday. I'm SOOOOO jealous of your weather! Fun to see what you guys are up to.

  2. Man, I miss you guys! It looks like you have an awesome group of friends! Can't wait for Christmas when we get to see youu!

  3. i cant believe how much maisey has changed, she looks so so cute! and janey your lookin as hot as ever! miss you guys cant wait for christmas!

  4. I would love that nice weather and would love visiting cold, snowy Utah oh maybe twice a year. ha And maisey is getting so big, she is adorable! Love the holiday season.